Executive Leadership Coaching focuses on helping corporate executives, managers, team leaders and business owners to achieve their business goals. It’s a motivational role, where we help people reach their goals faster and easier than they would on their own. Top level managers have a huge workload and must be skilled in connecting with others, from their employees and vendors to their bosses and board members. It can also be a stressful position, as responsibilities are vast.

RC offers specialized leadership coaching to improve your organization, increase productivity and positive mindset, and create a solid plan to reach their goals. Some common needs for leaders seeking professional coaching include:

  • Help teams learn to compromise and agree on the right course of action.
  • Motivate employees to adopt an owner mindset and go beyond their job description.
  •  Create ways to increase workers’ sense of accountability.
  • Decide the best ways to recruit and retain top leaders.
  • Form a marketing or business plan to improve company’s standing and beat their competitors.
  • Create more autonomy in workers.
  • Reduce a high turnover rate.
  • Transition successfully and quickly into a new leadership role.
  • Decide on the organization’s priorities and how to delegate appropriately.
  • Attract the bosses’ attention and receive recognition for achievements and value to the company.
  • Improve interpersonal communication, time management and other important skills.

RC provides quality coaching to leaders in various capacities. We have a genuine passion to equip, empower, and encourage leaders to live, lead, and succeed to their fullest potential. RC has experience coaching clients in various fields, markets, and positions. From CEO’s, Board of Directors, mid-level managers, nonprofit leaders, Pastors, and more! There are some universal tools, techniques, and exercises that help equip and empower leaders to grow deeper and wider in their leadership.


RC will customize and create a coaching plan that meets you and your organization’s needs. Our coaches will start with one-on-one coaching with you as the leader in five primary areas:

  • Soft Core Business Skills
  • Hard Core Business Skills 
  • People Skills
  • Exemplary Leadership Qualities
  • Exemplary Leadership Behaviors

Your team and organization can only thrive if you as the leader is in a healthy place. Leadership is not solely defined by position or power; leadership is about influence and leading others to reach a common goal. Many leaders will hire professional coaches to help them grow deeper in their organization, wider in their influence, and forward towards success. Book a FREE discovery session with one of our coaches to learn more how RC can equip, empower, and encourage you to be that leader.